Vol 4, No 1 (2000)

Edited by Daniel Frampton

Table of Contents


Conventionalizing the Postmodern HTML
Joy Palmer
Fifteen Years Gone By HTML
Frederick von Zweigbergk
The Matrix Rules HTML
Richard Wright
Art For All 'Time' HTML
Donato Totaro
Misrecognizing Film Studies HTML
Bruce Bennett
A Modest Employee of the Cinema vs The Big Garage HTML
Martha P. Nochimson
More Histoire(s) du Cinema? HTML
Paul Sutton
Speaking and Writing about Godard: A Response to Nochimson and Sutton HTML
David Sterritt
Media Histories and Digital Futures HTML
Nina Zimnik
The Mechanisms of Thought: A Jamesian Point of View on Resnais HTML
Didier Debaise
The Stream of Consciousness: A Reply to Debaise HTML
Haim Callev
Martin Scorsese's Invisible City in Bringing Out the Dead HTML
Christina Degli-Esposti Reinert
The Limits of Critique HTML
Hassan Melehy
Filming the Present Past HTML
Lionel Moriel
Thinking Through Cinema HTML
Garnet Creighton Butchart
Deleuze, Rodowick, and the Philosophy of Film HTML
Louis Schwartz
Reawakening Imagination HTML
Marty Fairbairn
Admiring Kieslowski HTML
Jeffrey Hanson
The Nature of Film Spectators HTML
C. Paul Sellors
Textual Subjects HTML
Aylish Wood
Reply to Wood HTML
Silvio Gaggi
Cruel Stories of Passion, Brutal Explorations of Extreme HTML
S. Louisa Wei
Tsai Ming-liang: Defining What's Real HTML
Gaik Cheng Khoo
Refocusing the Western HTML
Bob Sitton
The Audience as Reader is Seldom Caught in the Act? HTML
Pat Brereton
Reply to Brereton HTML
Martin Barker, Thomas Austin
Thinking Television HTML
Nina Zimnik
New Rules of the Game? Rejuvenating Cinema as a Field of Critical, Conceptual, and Historical Study HTML
Stan Jones

Film Festival Reports

New York Film Festival 2000 HTML
Martha P. Nochimson

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